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22 March 2019   
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Equine Bowen Therapy

Equine Bowen Therapy was developed by Beth Darrall after she discovered it in 1995. Beth trained with Julian Baker, director of the European College of Bowen Studies. She quickly found Bowen taking over from Aromatherapy as her main treatment of choice.

Beth Darrall says: "The Bowen Technique is the most user (and receiver) friendly modality that I have experienced. It can be anything you need it to be; a sports therapy; a functional muscula-skeletal therapy; a hormone/blood pressure balancer; an aid to comfortable respiration; a stress reliever; and energy booster; the possibilities are infinite!"

The principles of the Equine Bowen Technique are the same as those used for humans. It is a gentle, non-intrusive hands on therapy that stimulates the body's inner ability to heal itself. This re-organisation of the musculature of the body (working on soft tissue) can bring increased energy levels and pain relief.

Further information on the Bowen Technique is available from:
European College of Bowen Studies
38, Portway, Frome,
Somerset, BA11 1QU.


Beth Darrall -Telephone: 07759 439713 (mobile) Tel/Fax: 01373 461 873


Practitioner list and training as a therapist:

Practising Therapists:

Practising Therapist's Websites:

Equine Bowen Therapy is approved by The European College of Bowen Studies. Supported by Nigel Dodman, BVSc, Cert.Ed, Cert.Vet.Ac, MRCVS, Veterinary Surgeon and Bowen Therapist

Please note: The Bowen Technique and Equine Bowen Therapy are not intended as a substitute for medical or veterinary advice or treatment. If in doubt, please consult your Doctor or Veterinary Surgeon.

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