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22 March 2019   
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R & J Equestrian Supplies
Ayurvedic Herbs-Veterinary Based
The use of herbs is the oldest and one of the most effective forms of holistic health care known to man. It is only recently that modern science has placed emphasis on the use of purified chemicals to preserve and maintain health. Now with society expressing concern over the use of unnatural products that may do more harm than good there is a move back to the plants that our ancestors relied on to keep them fit. Mankind now has the advantage of being able to draw from the best of both modern and ancient bodies of knowledge. The majority of our products are manufactured by a company called Indian Herbs based near the Himalayas in Asia. The success of Indian Herbs has been based on the highest quality ingredients, meticulous preparation and modern instrumentation which enables standardisation of the final mixtures which are formulated using AYURVEDIC principles.Our unique veterinary support means that you can effectively integrate alternative approaches with advice and regular service from your own veterinary surgeon.Also available: Secondhand/new English tack. Bioflow & Ecoflow products. Nikkon Magnets - inner soles, mattresses.
Contact Details: Jane Pegler, Old School House, Fletchertown, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 1BS
Telephone: 016973 71465

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