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18 August 2017   
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American Breeds of Horse

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Similar to the Albino this is a colour type that is selectively bred in America and recognised as a breed. Taking its name from the Spanish word meaning paint it is sometimes known as the Paint Horse. It is either piebald (black and white) or Skewbald (brown and white) the conformation and size varies. There are two different types within the breed which also refer to the colour they are Overo and Tobiano. Overo is a dark coat with white patches and is thought to be the influence of a recessive gene found mostly in South America. The dominant Tobiano - a white coat with dark patches, gene is found in North America.

The Pinto was particularly popular with the First nations people as a riding horse and it is often portrayed in cowboy films. Painted horses are popular all over America and are often seen on ranches as cow ponies.

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