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20 February 2019   
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Greatly due to the Don Antonio ArizaIn in 1969, Casa Pedro Domecq, Mexico, organised the visit of three hundred Mexican charros in Spain. The charros carefully selected Spanish Andalusian horses and mares and shipped them to Mexico. These horses were used for the development of the Spanish horse to produce a new Mexican horse breed. By making careful crosses of Andalusian stallions with Quarter Horse and Criollo mares at the Domecq Center of Equine Reproduction in Texcoco, a horse displaying the desired characteristics appeared. These crosses were given the name "Azteca" by some charro association members. Mr. Manuel Herrera, Director of the Domecq Equestrian School in the Texcoco Edo. de Mexico, began the program which is still operating successfully today.

Azteca Horse breeders started their Association in 1974 to maintain and develop the good characteristics of these horses.

The Azteca Horse inherits from the Andalusian horse, nobility and pride, flowing manes and tails, and characteristics that give the horse great beauty. From the Quarter Horse it inherits, strength, quickness, agility, docility and cowsense. The bloodlines of the Azteca Horse, make it excellent for charreria (Mexican rodeo), bullfighting, dressage, other performance events, and pleasure riding.

The Azteca stands between 15h and 16.1h (150cm to 165cm) and comes in the colours tordillos, chestnut, red, rosillos, bay/brown/black, grullos, palominos, bay, BUT NOT pinto, appaloosas. The head is medium length, fine, lean, and with a straight frontonasal profile; the neck is well shaped and deep at the chest; the hair is long, silky, fine, abundant, and frequently covers a large part of the withers.

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