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23 February 2019   
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  East Bulgarian

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Bulgarian Breeds of Horse

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The Danubian is a cross breed, developed in the nineteenth century at the state stud near Pleven, Bulgaria, by putting Nonius stallions with Anglo-Arab mares. The result is a good medium to light weight horse of about 15.2h.h. Usually black, brown or liver chestnut in colour, it makes a handy all round lightweight draught or carriage horse and/or a riding horse with active paces. It is compact and strong with an attractive head; a strong neck; a good sloping shoulder; a short, strong back; a deep body and girth; strong quarters; the limbs are comparatively slender though strong with good sound feet. The Danubian has an equable nature and often quite elegant paces it is sometimes crossed with thoroughbred for a more quality performance horse.

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