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23 February 2019   
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Czechoslovakian Breeds of Horse

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Descended from Spanish horses this is a big upstanding horse, similar to the Andalusian only larger. The Emperor Maximilian 11 founded the stud at Kladruby in Czechoslovakia with Spanish stock and the horses were known as Kladrubers. They were used for pulling the imperial carriages. Although some Neopolitan blood was added all the stock came from Spanish origin.

In the 1920s it was crossed with Shagya Arabian. Originally the breed stood at around 18h.h. but now it is smaller around 16.2 to 17 h.h. and though it is still used as a carriage horse it produces an excellent cross bred riding horse particularly well suited to dressage. Since the early nineteenth century only black and grey horses have been bred. The Old Kladruby Stud now only produces greys, the blacks are kept at a separate stud.

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