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25 March 2019   
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English Breeds of Horse

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Cleveland Bay

A handsome bay horse with a large convex head, with large, well set, kind eyes and large fine ears; a longish neck, good deep sloping muscular shoulders, deep girth and strong though longish back, muscular loins and strong quarters support a well set tail. Short legs (without feather) good bone and sound feet, muscular forearms, thighs and second thigh, large knees and hocks and strong sloping pasterns. Standing at about 16 to 16.2 h.h. it may be ridden, driven or used for light draught work. It has true straight and free action (high action is not characteristic of the breed), moves freely from the shoulder and covers the ground well. It is a natural jumper and when crossed with thoroughbred it will produce a top class hunter, show jumper or a carriage horse.

Notable characteristics are its intelligence, sensible temperament, strength, stamina and longevity. This is one of the oldest English breeds and dates back to mediaeval times. It was used as a pack horse in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries when it was known as the Chapman Horse. The name Cleveland Bay was taken from its origins in the Cleveland area of northeast Yorkshire. Apart from the introduction of thoroughbred blood in the late eighteenth century the breed has been relatively free from outside influence.

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