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20 February 2019   
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Bred at the famous stud farm at Mezohegyes, Hungary, founded in 1784 by the Emperor Josef 11, the Furioso was one of the most significant breeds developed there. The foundation sires were; firstly an English Thoroughbred stallion 'Furioso' foaled in 1836 and acquired by the stud in 1841; secondly a horse known as 'North Star' foaled in 1844 and imported there in 1850, his blood lines traced back to the Norfolk Roadster and he was descended from a 1793 Derby winner called 'Waxy' grandson of 'Eclipse'. These two stallions were crossed with mostly local mares of Nonius type. In the beginning both bloodlines were kept separate, the 'North Star' progeny being particularly suitable as harness racehorses. At the end of the nineteenth century the two lines were merged and the Furioso strain became dominant. Since then more thoroughbred blood has been added to the breed making it a quality all-purpose riding horse. The Csikos horse herders of Hungary, World famous for there displays of trick riding, often use the Furioso horse.

Taking its name from the Gelderland province where it was developed in the eighteenth century as a carriage horse. Native mares were originally crossed with imported horses, in particular Norfolk Roadsters and Arabs. Later other blood was introduced; East Friesian, Oldenburg and Hackney, later in the nineteenth century Anglo-Norman. The result is a strong and attractive carriage or riding horse with extravagant action and great presence, plus it is often capable of jumping.

It stands at about 15.2hh is usually grey or chestnut and sometimes skewbald. It is a horse of quality; it has a fairly refined head with intelligent eyes and generous ears; a good length of reign; well sloped shoulders; a deep chest; a strong back; a deep girth and well muscled hindquarters; the limbs are clean and strong with well shaped feet.

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