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22 March 2019   
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 German Breeds
  Warm Blood
  Heavy Draught

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German Breeds of Horse

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Bavarian Warm Blood

Originating in the Rott Valley of Bavaria this breed dates back to before the time of the Crusades. Until fairly recent times the breed was known by the name of Rottaler, taking the name from the area where it came, a highly regarded place for raising horses . The Bavarian was used as a war horse and as such it was considered to be an equal to the Freisian. During the eighteenth century the breed was influenced by some of Great Britains horses; The English Thoroughbred and the Cleveland Bay. Also Norman and Oldenburg blood was introduced. It is now used as a heavyweight riding horse. It stands at about 16h.h. is Chestnut in colour with a quiet temperament.

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