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23 February 2019   
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German Breeds of Horse

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Rhineland Heavy Draught

Taking its name from the Rhineland where it originated, this horse, like many other draught horses, is less popular now. It was developed in the nineteenth century and was based on the Belgium horse. At that time the heavy Draught horse was in great demand. It stands at between 16.2 and 17.2 h.h. it is a bulky, powerful horse with a short back and deep body. The head is fairly square; it has a strong, well muscled, crested neck; large powerful shoulders; a deep girth and broad, strong, body; massive, rounded hindquarters; short strong limbs; it is usually roan or chestnut with either black points or a flaxen mane and tail. Known for a kind, quiet temperament it is an early maturing horse, making it in its day, an ideal choice for work.

Though the numbers of this breed are diminishing it may still occasionally be seen in Lower Saxony and Westphalia.

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