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20 February 2019   
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The Holstein is a very old breed of German warmblood, tracing back to the fourteenth century war horse. The early Holsteins were a heavier stamp of horse than the Hanoverian, with German, Neapolitan, Spanish and Oriental blood. Later in the nineteenth century more Spanish and Oriental blood and some thoroughbred made it a lighter breed of horse. The Yorkshire Coach Horse was also crossed with the breed giving it a distinctive high knee action and making it a tough and admirable carriage or riding horse with a willing amiable temperament.

More thoroughbred has been introduced since World War 11 in order to produce more of a sports horse for competition. It is an excellent dressage and show jumping prospect. Standing at between 16 and 17 h.h. All solid colours are permissible. It is powerfully built with a handsome head of medium size, with large intelligent eyes and ears; long muscular neck; good sloping shoulder; strong back; deep, wide chest; deep, strong body with strong loins and a deep girth; muscular hindquarters with well muscled thighs, stifles and gaskins; short strong cannon bones, large hocks and flat knees; good, sound, hard feet. Holsteins make bold show jumpers with plenty of scope, they have excellent paces and are ideally suited for dressage. They may still be seen shown in harness and some have made World class competitors, winning at top level in dressage and show jumping.

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