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23 February 2019   
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  Gidran Arabian
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Hungarian Breeds of Horse

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Gidran Arabian

The Arabian stallion 'Siglavy Gidran' (Gidran Senior) was imported from Arabia into Hungary in 1816. He was crossed with the Spanish bred Arrogante mare; this produced the foundation stallion of the breed known as Gidran 11. Later Thoroughbred blood was introduced and an infusion of more Arab blood, along with the blood from other breeds, which has produced a horse with many Arabian characteristics.

There are two different types of the Gidran, one being much heavier than the other; the Middle European being the horse with more substance is generally used in harness while the Southern and Eastern type are lighter weight, like the Eastern Arab, it is an all-purpose horse used more in competition. Standing at about16 h.h. It is an excellent riding horse, similar to the Arab in conformation; the head is usually like the Arab with a dished profile; it has inherited some of the Arab paces, endurance and hardiness.

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