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18 August 2017   
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 Italian Breeds
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Italian Breeds of Horse

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Calabrese or Calabrian

The Calabrese comes from Calabria Southern Italy and Sicily, bred from an original group of horses imported from North Africa. During the 19th century the breed was a famous riding horse but since then large amounts of Salernitano and English Purosangue blood have been introduced and the exemplary pureness of the breed is much reduced. Today the breed is a good jumper.

The Calabrese stands between 15.3hh and 16.1hh (160cm to 165cm) with a beautiful head, rectangular in shape, the shoulder is long and sloping with a sturdy back with a medium oblique rump. The limbs are strong, muscular and regular with wide hooves.
It comes in many colours.

Mainly a docile breed which is easy to train but it can also be active and lively.

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