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20 February 2019   
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Dating back to the Napoleonic wars the Knabstrup was founded on a spotted mare, Flaebehoppen, who was left behind by the Spanish troops. She was exceptionally fast and enduring and in 1808 her owner Major Villars Lunn, crossed her with a Palomino-coloured Frederiksborg stallion and named the breed after his estate. In 1813 the mare gave birth to a colt that later became the founding father of the Knabstrup breed. It is a well built, enduring and active riding horse, characterized by speed, strength and good movements.

The Knabstrup is also much wanted because of its interesting colouring, learning abilities and good temper. Later, unfortunately too much emphasis was put on breeding the coat colour and not enough on the conformation and the breed went into decline, though quite a number of similar spotted horses are still seen in Denmark. Also crossings back to the Fredriksborg reduced the numbers of purebred Knabstrup.

They stand at about 15.2 to 16hh h.h. the original Knabstrup was of good conformation and was popular as a circus horse as it is eye catching and easy to train. The head is intelligent with a kind expression; there is mottled skin colouring on the lips and muzzle; the mane and tail are sparse. The colour is predominantly white with black or brown spots of varying size all over body, head and legs. It is a sound, tough, easy to train horse that enjoys performing.

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