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23 February 2019   
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  Heavy Draught

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Lithuanian Breeds of Horse

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Lithuanian Heavy Harness Horse (The Lithuanian Heavy Draught)

Developed in the early twentieth century by crossing the native local Zhmud mares with imported Swedish Ardennes to produce this heavy harness horse. The Zhmud horses were known for their hardiness and endurance and coupled with the size and strength of the Ardennes the Lithuanian Heavy Draught makes an excellent agricultural worker. Selective breeding of third and fourth generations were interbred and crossed to improve the standard until in 1963 it became a registered breed.

It is a massively built, medium sized horse with great powers of traction. Standing at between 15.1 and 15.3 h.h. The head is long with kind eyes; the neck tends to be short; the body is deep and strong with well-muscled sloping shoulders and a deep chest; the hindquarters are well-muscled and powerful; the limbs are short, thick and strong with plenty of feather. It has fast free action and a calm, equable temperament. The most common colour is chestnut, though black, bay, grey and roan also occur.

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