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20 February 2019   
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A dual-purpose horse, indigenous to Italy, that is strong enough to be used for light draught work or as a riding horse, in particular cattle herding, they are the traditional mounts of the 'butteri' (cattle men). The breed has also been used as a police and army mount. The origin of the breed is not certain but it is likely that they are descendants of the Neapolitan horse, which was based on Arab, Barb and Spanish blood. In the sixteenth century Frederico Grisone was the founder of the Neapolitan riding academy and as the first great classical riding master since the famous Greek, Xenophon (430-350 B.C.), the Neapolitan name won fame. Since that time the breed has been outcrossed to many others, including the Norfolk Roadster, resulting in the horses known as the Maremmana having no particular breed type.

It varies considerably, though overall it is not particularly good looking; the shoulders are upright and it generally has poor conformation resulting in it not being able to cover the ground with any speed. However, it is an honest hard worker, an economical feeder, with a calm and amiable temperament.

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