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21 February 2019   
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The modern Murgese dates from the 1920s and takes its name from the Murge region near Puglia. It is the result of crossing oriental blood with local stock.
The original Murgese trace back five hundred years or more and were indigenous to the Orfano plain and the hill district near Gravina, but the breed died out for approximately two hundred years. Todays Murgese is a light draught or riding horse of no particular type. It usually stands between 15 to 16 h.h. and is most often chestnut, however other solid colours do occur. The conformation is variable; it often lacks quality; the head is usually plain; it has poor hindquarters and a low set tail. However, it has an amiable temperament and is most suited to light draught work, though some of the best examples can make good mounts.

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