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21 February 2019   
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This is the heaviest of the German warmbloods tracing back to the seventeenth century when it was based on the old Friesian horses. Developed originally as a quality coach horse the breed takes its name from Count Anthon Gunther von Oldenburg (1603-67) who took a leading role in the development of the breed, crossing the local mares with stallions imported from Spain and Italy. Over the years the Oldenburg has been upgraded and other breeds have been introduced; Thoroughbred, Cleveland Bay and Norman. This big upstanding carriage horse was in less demand in the early twentieth century when motorised transport took over and so in an attempt to produce firstly an all purpose farm horse and later a riding horse, Hanoverian and Trakehner blood was added.

More recently a refinement of the breed has taken place by adding more Thoroughbred and some Selle-Francais blood. This has produced a horse that works equally well under saddle and in harness and is more than capable of being used as a sports horse.

Prince Philip among others has favoured the Oldenburg in carriage driving events and there are several in the Royal Mews at Buckingham palace. It has excelled in top class dressage and show jumping events and has been exported to many countries, being particularly popular in the United States. It stands at between 16.2 and 17 .2 h.h. It is predominantly black, brown or bay and has good conformation. The earlier breeding faults of a straight shoulder and exaggerated knee action have been largely eradicated by selective breeding. It has a medium sized head with intelligent eyes and well shaped ears; a long strong neck; sloping muscular shoulder; a strong deep body with a deep chest and girth; powerful hindquarters with a well set tail; fairly short limbs with plenty of bone and large joints; It is an early maturing horse which is unusual for such a big animal.

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