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23 February 2019   
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Paso Fino

This little horse was developed in Puerto Rico, Columbia, Peru and Florida, and dates back to the sixteenth century Spanish horses taken to South America. The Paso Fino horses are known for their natural gaits, they must never trot; the paso fino gait is a very slow four-time gait with extreme collection, it is highly elevated and has a steady unbroken rhythm; the paso corto is a more relaxed, uncollected four-time gait, faster than the walk and used for travelling long distances; the paso largo is an extended, four-time gait which can achieve speeds of up to 16 m.p.h. and can be faster than the canter; the sobre paso is the most relaxed of all with no style and loose reign, though the horse must not hang his head; the andadura is the horse pushed to top speed, though not at a gallop but a sort of pace - unlike the other paces it is not very comfortable.

The height of the Paso Fino is between 13.2 to 15.2 h.h. the conformation is usually good, similar to the Andalusian. It is a compact agile little horse that is bright, intelligent and agile. Though the gaits of these horses are natural they have been improved with selective breeding. They make excellent long distance horses and are shown for their gaits. The Paso Fino is gaining recognition in the U.S.A where they are now being bred and there are specialist breed clubs.

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