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21 February 2019   
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Polish Arab

The Poles have a great reputation for horse breeding and since the middle of the sixteenth century Arabs have been bred in Poland. During the Turkish wars horses of Eastern origin - Arab, Barb, Turkish, Persian etc were captured by the Poles and the Arabs were held in the highest regard. Some of the oldest Arab studs in Poland date back to the 1500s one of these is the Sangussgo Stud founded in 1506, while the name of Count Potocki and his stud is well known to Englishmen. The Poles have always kept a constant introduction of the best imported horses straight from the Arabian Desert, some of the most valuable horses being selected by racing at Levow.

Arab studs in the U.S.A. have been founded with Polish horses and they have had a profound effect on many other Arab-breeding countries. In England the famous and beautiful Arab Champion 'Skowronek' came from the Antoniny Stud in Poland. Miss Patricia Lindsay of the Stockings Stud in England first imported Arabs from Poland in the 1950s. For breed profile see Arab.

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