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23 February 2019   
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 Polish Breeds
  Polsih Arab

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A Polish warmblood, dual-purpose horse, named after the area Poznan where it was developed. The breed is based on Poznan and Masuren blood, these were two separate breeds of horse. The Pozmen contained Arab, Hanovarian and Thoroughbred blood while the Masuren was based on the Trakehner.

The Wielkopolski is a powerfully built, good quality horse standing unto 16.2hh. It is of sound constitution, has a genuine, sensible temperament and is a good free mover. The breed may be either ridden or driven and may be any solid colour. It has a quality head; the neck has a good length of reign; the withers are high; the shoulders are sloping; the chest is deep and well muscled; the back is fairly short; the hindquarters are well muscled and powerful, with a well set tail; The limbs are strong and elegant with well developed gaskins and plenty of good flat bone.

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