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23 February 2019   
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Russian Breeds of Horse

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Budyonny or Buddeny

Named after Marshal Budyonny, the Russian general who instigated the breed as a cavalry mount. It was developed by the crossing of Don and Chernomor mares (Chernomor horse was used by the Cossacks who settled in Kuban in the eighteenth century) with Thoroughbred stallions. Selective breeding has resulted in a fine quality horse with good conformation; possessing the robust constitution of a Don coupled with the athleticism of the Thoroughbred. It originated in the early nineteenth century in the region of Rostov where it is still bred today and was officially recognised as a breed in 1949. Now used as a general purpose riding horse, it is particularly good at steeplechasing and other competitive sports, including show jumping and dressage. The Czechoslovakia marathon race the Pardubice is a vary taxing race and great speed and endurance is needed to win, the Budyonny horses are ideal competitors and have been winners on many occasions.

The height is +-15 to16 h.h. and it is predominantly chestnut in colour, often with a golden sheen which traces back to its Don and Chernomor ancestors. Browns and bays do occur. The head is attractive and refined with a straight or slightly concave profile; the neck is long and elegant; the shoulders are good and sloping; the chest and girth are deep; the back is short and strong; the body is deep and strong; the hindquarters are good; the limbs are strong and elegant with generous bone. The temperament is calm and sensible.

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