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23 February 2019   
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Russian Breeds of Horse

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Russian Heavy Draught

This is the oldest of the Russian breeds of draught horse and was developed in the late 1800s in the Ukraine, when local mares were crossed with Ardennes, Orlov and Percheron stallions to produce a small draught horse. It was then interbred to the best of the progeny to produce the 'type' that became a registered breed in 1952.

The Russian Heavy Draught is a compact, strong, well-muscled horse standing at about 14.3 h.h. with good conformation. The predominant colour is chestnut. Known for its strength and pulling power it has a very gentle nature. The head is handsome with a broad forehead, kind eyes and alert ears; the neck is heavily crested and thick; the shoulders are strong, well-muscled and sloping; the back is short and strong; the body is short and round with a deep chest and girth; the hindquarters are round and powerful; the limbs are fairly short and strong with a little feather. It has active paces and is a willing worker, making it a popular agricultural horse in the Ukraine and in the Urals.

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