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22 March 2019   
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Russian Breeds of Horse

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Dating back to at least the sixteenth century, these horses are found in the mountainous regions of Northern Caucasus and like all mountain breeds are extremely hardy. They were produced by crossing the native Mongolian stock with Turkmene, Arab and Karrabahk blood. The first Kabardins were used for riding in the mountains but many died during the Russian Revolution and so the breed was re-established in the 1920s. After this time it became a much stronger animal as several horse studs began to develop the breed, in particular the Kabardin Balkan and the Karachaev-Chercass studs. Today the principal studs are at Malokarachaev and Malkinare.

The Kabardin stands at about 15 to 15.2 h.h. and it is usually bay or black. This handsome horse has an amenable character. The head is medium sized with either a straight or Roman nose, the ears point inwards; the neck is strong and fairly long and deep at the chest. The shoulders are sloping; the back is short; the body is short and deep, particularly at the girth; the hindquarters are well proportioned; the limbs are good and strong with hard feet. It is a very sure-footed animal with a homing instinct making it ideal for tackling the treacherous mountain tracks where it has evolved. It is used for long distance trekking; it is a popular sports horse and is sometimes used for racing.

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