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22 March 2019   
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Russian Breeds of Horse

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Originating in the mountains of Uzbekistan and Tadzhikstan this is a light harness or saddle horse probably of Mongolian and Arabian blood. The exact origins of the breed have been lost, but it has a distinctive Arab appearance with a bit more substance than a purebred Arab.

The area where it originated is well known for its good quality horses and the Karabair is no exception. It is a small horse standing at up to 15.h.h. with good conformation and great powers of endurance. It has a spirited though amiable temperament. The principal colours are bay and chestnut, though some duns, blacks, piebalds, greys and palaminos ocurr. The head is refined with a slight dish to the nose, the eyes are bright and the ears are long and shapely; the neck is well-proportioned; the whithers are high; the shoulders are good and sloping; the back is short; the body is deep, particularly at the girth; the quarters are good; the limbs are longish and strong with good hard feet. Like most horses born in the mountainous regions it is sure footed and hardy. The horses are kept in herds on the mountain pastures, some of the mares are crossed with Thoroughbred stallions to produce competition or sports horses and for flat racing. Those that aren't crossed with thoroughbred still make good competition horses, particularly in the Russian mounted games, such as 'Kok-par' a team game envolving a goat carcass being taken through a goal.

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