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23 February 2019   
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Russian Breeds of Horse

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The breed takes its name from the Tersk Stud where it was developed from 1921 to 1950, it was also developed at the Stavropol Stud, and both studs are in North Caucasus. The Strelets Arab virtually died out during World War I and the development of the Tersky was an attempt to revive the old breed. The Strelet was not a pure bred Arab, but an Anglo Arab and was as a result of crossing pure breds with Anglos from the Orlov and Rastopchin studs. When only two Strelets stallions remained in 1921, both with the characteristic silver grey colour, they were mated with Arabs and Anglo Arabs in an effort to preserve the breed. The Strelets type then became the Tersky. Later other cross-breds were introduced such as Don/Arab and Streleet/Karbardin to produce a quality horse of Arab appearance, with lovely paces, a gentle nature and great powers of endurance.

The Tersky stands at 14.3 to 15 h.h. with good conformation. It is characteristically silver-grey or white in colour often with a tinge of pink from the skin. The head is refined with a dished nose like the Arab, large, intelligent, kind eyes and expressive ears; The neck is long and well shaped; the back is well proportioned the body is strong with a deep girth; the hindquarters usually good; the limbs are fairly long with good bone; the feet are hard. The mane and tail are soft, silky and flowing. It is an eye-catching horse with its shining silver coat and elegant stature. The inherent qualities of the breed make it a good all round riding horse that is sometimes used for competition, in Arab racing and as a circus mount.

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