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21 February 2019   
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 Russian Breeds
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  Russian Trotter
  Heavy Draught

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Russian Breeds of Horse

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Taking its name from the Toric Stud in Esthonia where it originated, this horse is primarily a draught horse of great endurance bred for agricultural work. Originally native mares, known as Kleppers, were crossed with half-bred stallions. In 1894 Hatman, a Norfolk Roadster, was imported into Esthonia and he was the founder stallion of five important lines, later two Breton stallions were used and Orlov Trotter blood was also introduced. The result is a light draught horse, strong and muscular with active, fast movement and an amiable temperament. It is predominantly chestnut, bay or brown and stands at between 15 to 15.2 h.h.

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