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22 March 2019   
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 Spanish Breeds

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Spanish Breeds of Horse

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Spanish Arab mares are put to English Thoroughbred stallions to produce the Hispano. The result is a very attractive riding horse with more Arab characteristics than the average Anglo-Arab. It stands between 15.3 and 16.3h.h. and is predominantly bay, chestnut or grey. It possesses similar conformation, though slightly more Arab, and the same qualities as other Anglo-Arabs; the head is usually more Arab with a slightly dished profile, alert well-shaped ears and bright expressive eyes. It has a long elegant neck and it is sometimes slightly higher in the wither than an Arab; good sloping shoulders; a short back and strong body with a deep girth and chest; the quarters are slightly long; the limbs are strong and fine with good hard well-shaped feet. Overall the breed is slightly sturdier than the thoroughbred.

It is athletic, agile and intelligent with an equable and courageous temperament that is slightly less spirited than the thoroughbred. It is not surprising that the Hispano is often favoured for equestrian sport as a good all round competition horse. It's brave nature and swift agility have made it a popular choice of mount for the acoso y derribo contests in Spain, where the riders bring down the young fighting bulls with a thrust from a long pole.

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