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23 February 2019   
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Vladimir Heavy Draught

The largest of the Russian four principal heavy draught horses dating back to 1886 when heavy horses were brought into the Gavrilovo-Posadsk stables to cross with local mares; Percherons, Ardennais and some were imported from England, in particular Suffolks and Cleveland Bays. Later, at the beginning of the twentieth century, Clydesdale and Shire blood was introduced, the Shire blood taking priority until 1925 when a policy of interbreeding of the best progeny was adopted and the breed became established.

Similar in appearance to the Shire it stands a little smaller at between 16 and 16.1 h.h. and may be any solid colour. It is a powerful horse with a strong constitution. The head is handsome with a Roman nose; the neck is strong and muscular; the shoulders are powerful and sloping; the body is deep; the hindquarters are powerful and well muscled; the limbs are good and sound with plenty of feather. The Vladimir is used in agriculture and for general heavy draught work.

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