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20 February 2019   
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This German warmblood was bred at the state owned Marbach stud and dates back to the sixteenth century. It takes the name from Duke Christoph von Wurttemburg who bred horses there, using Hungarian and Turkish blood to produce horses for working the small mountain farms of the area. Later East Prussian and Norman blood was introduced and then some Oldenburg and Nonius. The breed studbook was opened later in 1895 when the type was established, largely due to a stallion called Faust an Anglo-Norman horse. Since then more East Prussian blood has been added in a further attempt to improve the breed.

The Wurttemburg is a strong, cob type, suitable for under saddle and in harness. It stands between 15.2 and 16.2h.h. and has a medium size head with a flat forehead good long ears and sharp eyes; the neck is muscular and fairly long with a pronounced wither and deep chest; the back is short and strong; the body is medium depth but strong; the quarters are muscular and well rounded with a well carried tail; the limbs are sound and the feet are strong; it is a good sound worker and an economical feeder; the colour is either bay, brown, black or chestnut.

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