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20 February 2019   
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Equine Dentistry

Dentistry for the horse is important for his comfort and for the comfort of the rider. Many behavioural problems in the horse can be attributed to mouth problems that cause pain and discomfort; not accepting the bit, head shaking, champing at the bit, pulling and even bolting, as horses are naturally flight animals and they will run away from pain.

Regular six monthly checks by the equine dentist are advisable. The dentist will keep an eye open for any problems that might be developing, he might remove sharp edges by filing and give you advise on the course of action you need to take with your horse.

DEFRA run an approved BEVA/BVDA equine dentistry exam in the UK. A full list of equine dentists who have passed the exam and joined the British Association of Equine Dental Technicians is listed at:


Training as an Equine Dentist: This can be gained working alongside an experienced Equine Dentist and later sitting the recognised BEVA/BVDA exam.
Hartpury College now offers a 3 year degree course in Equine Dentistry covering the theoretical aspects. This has to be followed by practical experience working with an experienced Equine Dentist before sitting the recognised BEVA/BVDA exam.

Equine Dentists:

Recommended Reading:

Equine Dentistry
~By Gordon Baker & Jack Easley

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